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All of our healthcare professionals are skilled in their respective fields.

Healthcare innovation has paved the way to making health care services flexible in various settings. And there is no way we can compare the comfort your home brings. As such, we find convenient ways to help you gain an open access to quality care that is tailored to your specific health needs.

We offer you the following care services:

Wound Care

We have skilled wound care specialists who have been trained in proper wound care management. The commonly treated wounds are those sustained from surgical wounds, acute injury, pressure sores, or diabetic wounds.

IV Therapy

Our medical professionals perform an alternative way of providing the nutritional needs of patients into their bloodstream. It is used to regulate the right amount of fluid balance to monitor drug effectiveness and relieve pain.


A lot of injections nowadays are proven unnecessary and unsafe. At Alaphia Care, we prepare various types of healthcare injections based on your medical needs. All patients of any age are encouraged to get checked up and immunized for regular monitoring.

Skilled Observations

Healthcare professionals must be well-adept to monitor the health progress of their patients. When the care recipient has complex medical needs, hands-on support and assistance are required.

Skilled Assessments

From time to time, a medical assessment will be conducted to further the treatment of the patient’s health condition. Skilled nurses or nursing aides are responsible for checking the overall health status of the patient including the vital signs and the like.

Chronic Disease Management

We have an integrated care approach to managing specific illnesses. It includes check-ups, screenings, coordinating treatment, patient education, and monitoring. While improving the quality of life, it also reduces healthcare costs.


Our healthcare management service allows the betterment and efficiency in the delivery of care through effective data utilization, administration, clinical excellence, and operational assistance. We bring innovative ways, expertise, and resources to help drive performance in values-based and outcomes-centered models.

Diabetes and COPD

With our specialized tools and training in diabetes and major COPD occurrence, our nurses and care specialists help treat, diagnose, or manage symptoms. We work together to give you a patient-centered approach to care.

CHF and Hypertension

Congestive heart failure and hypertension are two correlated diseases occurring in any victims of all ages. From time to time, we will conduct a health monitoring to check your vital signs.

Pain Management

This service is catered to aid patients and their families in experiencing the discomfort of a certain health condition. It focuses not on the treatment but on the reduction of symptoms and pain.

Post-Surgical Care

A patient who has just gone through a surgery needs a further expert, professional assistance. At Alaphia Care, we have trained nurses and companion aides who are knowledgeable about the proper handling of patients with this concern.

Post-Stroke Care

Safety and proper medical assistance are best provided for you or your loved one who just experience a stroke. We can provide rehabilitation to help stroke survivors relearn and regain their skills affected by the condition, managing and monitoring some parts of the nervous system that are damaged.

Fall Injury Prevention

Being homebound does not assure total resistance from experiencing fall-related incidents. Individuals who are constantly coping with a certain illness, mobility dysfunction, and more still need round-the-clock supervision, having someone to look after them and assist them with their needs right away.

Medication Teaching and Management

Proper medication adherence or prescription management is best secured when there is someone responsible to look after it. To further the progress of the patient’s health, we provide medication orientation for patients and family members.

Physical Therapy

It is known as physiotherapy. By utilizing mechanical force, movements, manual therapy, exercise, and electrotherapy, and more, we will be able to remediate an impairment and promote function and normal mobility.

Occupational Therapy

With the help of bodily and system’s intervention, we can help patients develop, recover, and maintain their usual activities as we aid them in regaining their strength and overall function. We introduce to the patients the use of assistive devices or aids to help them with the activities of daily living.

Speech Therapy

With the help of our speech-language pathologists, children, adults, or seniors can now manage their speech, language, and swallowing techniques. This is specially designed to prevent, treat, or diagnose social and cognitive communication to the patients.

Nutritional Counseling

Our dietitians or nutritionists help patients practice and master one of the most requirements for obtaining a good health – a balanced diet. Nutritional counseling comprises of methodological assessments, interviews, check-ups, and more.

Diet Teaching

Home health aides or the patient’s personal assistants are thoroughly oriented about the patient’s sensitivity to certain food and drinks. A daily nutritional requirement is added to supply them with enough energy and boosters needed for recovery or prevention of diseases.

Medical Social Work

Various healthcare resources are rightfully available elsewhere if only searched out with careful attention. And it is our goal to bring these helpful tools for the betterment of your and your family’s health. We also have regular counseling, financial management assessment, and more.

Assistance with Daily Living Activities

With the guidance and supervision of our nurses and medical specialists, our personal aides or nursing assistants do all the best they can to assist you with whatever significant activity you have to accomplish during the day. Comfort is what we guarantee you without compromising your independence.

Bathing and Grooming

From ensuring bathroom safety to assisting you with your personal hygiene care, our personal companions are there to lend a hand. Because we know how much you would love to see yourself presentable at all times, we’re here to help.

Dressing and Laundry

Our home management maintenance keepers are adept at your safety and well-being by securing all your suits to wear look neat and freshly clean. You no longer have to look for someone in the family members to take care of the laundry, we’re here to do it.

Light Housekeeping

Our homemakers will ensure that each of your chores and house duties is done right away. From simply dusting off certain places inside your shelter to changing the beds and linens, we can help.

Meal Preparation

A balanced nutrition found in a healthy diet is prerequisite for you to gain a high level of wellness and fitness in all areas. From your breakfast down to your dinner time, meals are equally served with the right label of nourishment.

We Are Affiliated with Inland Regional Center

Regional Center Services

Respite Care Program

Alaphia Care is a proud provider of respite care services to Regional Center Consumers all throughout the areas we serve.

How the respite care program works:

  • Either the parents, guardians, or consumers are given the chance to choose in-home respite carers for their child or adult loved ones.
  • They can also set working schedules that suit them and the caregiver.
  • Alaphia Care is a legal employer. Each respite caregiver must be subject to various hiring procedures that include criminal background checks, reference checks, and CPR and First Aid Certification review. Our agency will pay the worker after evaluating their time cards against the Regional Authorizations.
  • We calculate, file, or withhold applicable payroll taxes.
  • We secure that each of our professionals is insured and bonded with both liability and legal worker’s compensation insurance.
  • We ensure that our respite carers and the patient’s family members shift within the time limits whether quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily as authorized by the Regional Center.

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